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Everyone deserves a little drink on special occasions or simply after a long day of work. Upgrade your love of whiskey by using a luxury crystal clear whiskey decanter from Australia's leading supplier of decanters, Don Vassie.

We design whiskey decanters that are aesthetically pleasing without compromising their quality and functionality. Browse through our luxury whiskey decanter sets and unique collections suitable for all occasions.

Why Get A Decanter

Preservation: Keeping whiskey in a decanter with an airtight seal can preserve the life of the whiskey as it limits the whiskey's exposure to oxygen. Too much oxygen can potentially ruin a whiskey's flavour.

Whiskey does not age: Unlike wine, whiskey does not continue the ageing process even if it's kept in the bottle for a long time. By using a whiskey decanter, your whiskey will last the same as it would in an unopened bottle.

Whiskey blend: You mix different types of whiskey in a decanter to create your own whiskey blend.

Aesthetics: A crystal clear whiskey decanter has an undeniable charm, class, and sophistication. Display it to add a touch of elegance to your home!

Magnificent pieces of ART

Unique Range of Decanters

Why Choose Don Vassie Decanters?

Don Vassie Decanters are the best supplier of decanters in Australia for a reason. Elevating Australia's love for whiskey, we design luxurious decanters that reflect the sophistication of whiskeys without compromising the quality of each decanter. Besides having numerous designs and gift sets to choose from, Don Vassie is proud to offer high-quality whiskey decanters. We also guarantee the following to our customers:

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30-day money-back guarantee


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Don Vassie Luxury Crystal Whiskey Decanters

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At Don Vassie, we offer the unique and large collection of luxury liquor gift sets online . Our products are not merely accessories to your home, they blend into it and give life to it. And most importantly, they make your home stand out to anyone visiting it. 

And we believe that the cost of this uniqueness must not be the fragility that we now associate with luxurious things. And as such, we set out to build products that were aesthetically stunning without compromising on their unyielding quality and functionality.

Magnificent pieces of ART
All our Decanters are unique and are crafted from quality materials by outstanding craftsman in many shapes, sizes and Intricacies.

Gifts for any occasions
All our Decanters lend an air of class and sophistication to any celebrations and make elegant and attractive piece for you Bar Table.

Premium Quality
All our Decanters are made from 100% lead free double layered glass .Our uncompromising approach to build material allows you to rest easy with a decanter that is easy to use, sturdy, and of pristine quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you store whiskey in a crystal decanter?

It is recommended to store it in a decanter for a year if you have no intention of opening it for six months. Ensure that your crystal decanter comes with an airtight seal for optimal results.

Does decanter shape matter?

Unlike wine decanters, the shape does not matter that much for whiskey decanters. Most whiskey decanters come in the form of a globe, square cut, or diamond. They also often have intricate designs that highlight the rich caramel colour of whiskey well.

What does a decanter do for whiskey?

Whiskey decanters safely keep whiskey with an airtight seal by minimising oxygen interaction, which can change the whisky's flavour.

How do decanters work?

Most wine decanters have a hollow space to allow the liquid to interact with oxygen and oxidise. The liquor opens up and both flavour and aroma are improved through this interaction. In contrast, whiskey decanters are mostly used for aesthetic reasons and to keep the whiskey secured with an airtight seal.

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If you love whiskey and like to level up your drinking experience with quality-made crystal whiskey decanters, place your trust in Don Vassie. Also view our DECANTERS AND WHISKY STONES GIFT SETS We ensure quality products and always strive to deliver the best purchasing experience. If you have any inquiries or further questions about our products, get in touch with us via our online form, and we will respond within 48 hours.