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Article: Don Vassie Whiskey Decanters For A Luxury Drinking Experience

Don Vassie Whiskey Decanters For A Luxury Drinking Experience

Don Vassie Whiskey Decanters For A Luxury Drinking Experience

Are you looking to purchase a gift for a whiskey lover? Or are you a whiskey lover yourself, looking for the perfect display for your kitchen counter, coffee table, or home bar? If this sounds like you, you might want to buy a whiskey decanter!

What Is A Whiskey Decanter?

Traditionally used as a vessel for serving wine, decanters can now be used for an assortment of liquids and liquors. They are usually made from crystal or glass and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the liquor they’re designed to hold.

The Don Vassie Whiskey Decanter Collection

There are numerous whiskey decanters and collections out there, but Don Vassie’s Globe Decanter Collection presents something truly unique; its selection includes ten hand-crafted, hand-blown whiskey globe decanters. 

Each of Don Vassie’s whiskey decanters comes with an elegantly crafted ship inside. All glasses are made with double-layered borosilicate glass that is lead-free, BPA-free, hypoallergenic, heat-resistant, and able to withstand hot drinks at high temperatures from 302 °F to 1076 °F without damaging the glass.

All decanters can hold up to 850 ml and come with a fitted, airtight glass stopper so that any liquid inside will stay fresh for longer without the risk of spills or leaks. All glasses can hold up to 10 oz of liquid.

Best Don Vassie Whiskey Decanter Sets

Etched Globe Decanter Set w/ 4 Etched Glasses & Round Mahogany Wooden Base

globe whiskey decanter

This set has four whiskey glasses and a decanter etched with the world map. Its wooden base is made from mahogany, so it’s guaranteed to be sturdy.

Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter w/ 2 Etched Glasses & Rich Wood Mahogany Base Tray w/ 2 Side Handle

globe decanter set

This whiskey decanter set has a handle on each side to ensure that you won’t accidentally spill your spirits. 

Etched Globe Decanter Set w/ 4 Etched Glasses & Square Mahogany Wooden Base

whiskey globe decanter

This decanter set comes with four glasses and a square base instead of the standard round mahogany wooden base.

Elevated Etched Globe Decanter Set w/ Rich Round Wooden Base

globe etched whiskey glasses

Unlike the other whiskey decanter sets on this list, this set comes with an elevated wood base that makes it even more unique and luxurious. The design also makes it easier to pick up and pour from the decanter.

Aeroplane Shaped Globe Decanter w/ 2 Etched Glasses


In the collection, this unique globe decanter setis  the most unique one. Instead of the standard wooden base, the globe whiskey decanter set base is shaped to resemble an aeroplane. Its wings are carved to be perfectly flat and can be used as coasters for the glasses.

Australia’s Map Wooden Base Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter Set (Limited Edition)


A limited-edition in the Don Vassie collection, this down-under-shaped whiskey decanter gift set is a perfect present for Aussies (or Australophiles). Its wooden base is painted in a sleek matte-black finish.

Globe Decanter Set 850 ml w/ 4 Glasses And Wooden Tray Base w/ Gold Handles


This whiskey decanter set is designed for those who want to add an extra touch of luxury to their home bar or kitchen counter. While Don Vassie’s decanter sets are already intricate and elegant, this takes it a step further with a gold handle on each side of the wooden tray.


Whether you’re looking for your next decanter or a whiskey stones gift set, Don Vassie has something for you. Each luxury whiskey decanter set in the Globe Decanter Collection is different from the rest, from the shape of the base, to the type of wood used, to extra features like side handles. Plus, all decanters, glasses and bases are made with materials that are safe and built-to-last.

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