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Article: Everything You Need to Know About Liquor Decanters

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Everything You Need to Know About Liquor Decanters

Liquor decanters have been around for ages. If you have watched any classic Hollywood movie, you will notice this practical and aesthetic piece of liquor holder sitting right on a table or in a bar showcase. You might consider whiskey decanters basically old and impractical for modern use. But these liquor ornamental pieces can be a great addition to your bar and may help you preserve every bit of alcohol. Most individuals have already realised the error and now use whiskey decanters, wine decanters, or crystal decanters for serving and aesthetic purposes. 

So, what is a decanter? What is a decanter used for? And why is everyone considering this ornamental piece for serving alcohol? Here’s everything you should know about liquor decanters.

What Is a Liquor Decanter?

Have you seen those series of alcohol bottles showcased behind bartenders in a bar? Those are liquor decanters! Think of these liquor essentials as a glass vessel that will allow you to serve alcohol easily. Crystal wine decanters are often used by individuals to serve wine into glasses. Bartenders usually serve alcohol from decanted liquor bottles. A whiskey decanter allows you to serve the alcohol from a liquor bottle into a glass without disrupting sediments from the bottom. Placing a luxury whiskey decanter set or whisky decanter set in your home bar will immediately elevate the visual appeal of your interior. A crystal whisky decanter set can offer a classic, sophisticated look to your place. 

We do store classy and beautiful whiskey decanter sets in Australia. You can buy decanter online at Don Vassie Decanters.

Why Use a Liquor Decanter?

One of the key reasons to use a decanter is for aesthetic purposes. The appearance and style of a decanter can immediately entice your guest. While serving the liquor directly from the alcohol bottle is common, it may look unappealing to some of your guests. Besides, getting a polished look and good taste together is not always common. However, decanters can offer you the best of both worlds. The sleek appearance and style of crystal whisky decanter will fulfil an aesthetic purpose, and storing alcohol in decanter will ensure better taste. Stylish and unique whiskey decanters are your way to achieve both purposes.

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Another benefit of using a decanter is determining the clarity of the spirits. Several alcohol brands these days use dark coloured glass to fill liquor, thus hiding the colour and texture of the liquid. Transferring the alcohol from the liquor bottle to a crystal clear decanter will guarantee the clarity of spirits.

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Apart from offering you aesthetic purposes, decanting liquor in a decanter can enhance the taste and flavour. One of the classic examples is Red wine. When you uncork a bottle of red wine, you should expose the liquor with oxygen to help open up and enhance the flavours. 

How Long Does Liquor Stay Good in a Decanter?

The condition and longevity of liquor in a decanter will depend on whether the vessel has an airtight seal. If you are using a decanter with an airtight seal, the liquor can stay good just as long as it would in any alcohol glass container. Liquors such as vodka and brandy can last for years, while wine can stay good for only a few days. Several decanters have a loose-fitting glass stopper which will slowly evaporate the liquid inside. Therefore, choose the one with a fitted glass stopper.

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