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Article: Why Should Whiskey Decanters Be On Your Next Must Buy List?

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Why Should Whiskey Decanters Be On Your Next Must Buy List?

Have you ever wondered why people use decanters? Why would you discard the actual bottle and pour it into yet another bottle? How does it make sense? Is it because of the aesthetically pleasing look or does it hold an actual reason? In this article, we will explain why you should use a whiskey decanter? 

At Don Vassie, we offer a wide variety of whiskey decanters, whiskey decanter sets, whiskey stones gift sets, etc. Our goal is to accentuate the look of your home with a luxury addition that is not just an accessory but adds to your lifestyle. We believe that the cost of this luxury should not be fragile and having said that, we make luxurious products with yielding quality and functionality. 

If you’re a whiskey lover, you know there’s nothing like sipping on whiskey after a hectic day at work or having your nightcap right before bed. If you’re someone who loves collecting whiskey from different years and different blends, at some point in your life, you must’ve been asked to get yourself a decanter to store your whiskey. If you have pondered over the merits of storing your whiskey in decanters, continue reading to know more about this trend. 

Reasons To Use A Decanter: 

Unique whiskey decanters are no doubt very stylish to look at and make a good addition to your house. But here, we discuss why this addition is worth it for your household: 

  • The Life Of Your Whiskey: 
  • If your first instinct is to compare other uses of decanters, you might think of wine decanters. Wine decanters are used to let the wine breathe and have any extra sediments settle on the base of the bottle. But, wine decanters don’t feature a lid because they aren't used for storage. We know that whiskey cannot be exposed to oxygen for very long because the process of oxidation will reduce the quality of the whiskey. Whiskey decanters come with airtight lids which help you store your whiskey properly and make them last longer. Decanter whiskey is the best way to preserve this spirit. 

  • Whiskey Ages In Its Bottle.” False: 
  • If you’re under the impression that you have to keep your whiskey in its original bottle to help it age, then you’re wrong. Whiskey does not mature in its original bottle, so don’t leave your whiskey alone on the shelf to suffer. Whiskey is resistant to flavour changes as it has a high alcohol percentage. So a five-year-old whiskey will be a 5-year-old whiskey no matter how long it lounges on your shelf. Choose a luxury whiskey decanter set with a lead-free crystal lid to avoid any harm to the spirit.  

  • Your Own Whiskey Blend:
  • Imagine creating your own blend of whiskey with a few of your favourite whiskey brands. Get a couple of different decanters and splish splashes with your favourite spirits and have a range of different blends. You can treat yourself to a new taste, new energy every time you decide to have a drink! 

  • The Ultimate Taste Tests: 
  • If you have friends who are just like you, whiskey lovers, then get ready for the best activity you have ever come across. Keep your guests guessing with different blends of whiskey. 

  • Limit Input: 
  • Yes, this may come off as a little selfish, but saving your best whiskey is always a priority. With the help of decanters, you can limit the use of whiskey for your guests and avoid having to provide a free-flowing supply of whiskey. 

    We at Don Vassie, pride ourselves on unique whiskey decanters. Rifle decanters, crystal decanters, globe whiskey decanters, you have numerous options to choose a piece that complements your house’s vibe and settles right in. Apart from all the benefits of owning a decanter, the best one is where you feel very stylish. Don’t waste any time, get yours today from !

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