Why Choose Don Vassie’s Vintage Crystal Decanters?

There are three things that must be kept in mind before buying a decanter:

  • Make sure that the decanter has an airtight seal:  Yes, the agenda is to let your spirit breathe. But exposure to oxygen for a long time can have repercussions. You need an airtight seal on a decanter to make sure that air does not enter or escape.
  • Make sure the decanter is not too small:  The ideal bottle is a little more than 25 ounces and therefore, your decanter should be able to store around 750 ml of any spirit.
  • Make sure your decanter is lead-free: Lead used in a decanter can be very dangerous and is not recommended. At Don Vassie, our unique whiskey decanters and wine decanters are made only with crystal!
  • Our vintage crystal decanters check all the boxes of requirements for a splendid decanter experience. If you love your scotch, then our unique whiskey decanters will be a treat for you! These unique whiskey decanters are available in different designs and are sure to win you over. We also have a variety of vintage crystal decanter sets to choose from.


    1. How do you know, if a decanter is vintage?

    You can identify if a decanter is vintage by observing if it is shaped like a cardinal perch or bird and has a tree stump like bottom.

    2. How do you clean a vintage decanter?

    Rinse with water and dishwasher detergent and scrub. Let it sit overnight with warm or hot vinegar!

    3. How can you know, if the glass is antique?

    Glass can be identified to be an antique, if it has signs like pontil marks on the bottom, bubbles and irregularities, a patina of time and use, etc.

    4. How do I know if my decanter is worth anything?

    Identifying your decanter maker is the only way to find out its worth!

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