Luxury Red Wine Hamper Box (St. Hallett Faith Shiraz) - $129


Excited to know what’s inside the Red Wine Hamper Box (St. Hallett Faith Shiraz )?

Katnook Squire Shiraz 375ml:

Squire's Blend is a tribute to the pioneer, entrepreneur, and visionary who observed the fruitfulness of the rich red soil in the area close to Penola and so began the region now considered one of the best for quality red wine in Australia. Displays an array of fruit, spice, and subtle oak aromas. Intense red berry fruit with hints of spiced plum, cloves, and spice, interwoven with subtle oak characters of mocha and vanillin. Moreover, the medium-bodied, rounded palate is complemented by silky tannins & great length. Available in a 375ml half bottle.

St Hallett Faith Shiraz 375ml:

St Hallett Faith Shiraz is a vibrant and expressive example of Barossa Shiraz. An accessible, fruit-driven wine, Faith’s vibrant yet dense purple hue hints at the generosity of fruit within. The wine derives exuberant raspberry, cherry, and spice flavors from vineyards in the southern part of the Barossa Valley and pepper from its Eden Valley component.

Thorn-Clarke Sandpiper Shiraz:

This is an excellent value for money Barossa Shiraz which easily stands up when you compare it to significantly more expensive bottles of the same region. Lighter in style than usual, the wine also offers aromas of sweet berry fruits, plums, pepper, and spice. Besides, there is rich fruit on the palate displaying plums, blackberry, and sweet spice from the subtle oak. Nice soft tannins are also accompanied by a great length of fruit flavor.

Booze Bar Box Stainless Steel Wine Glass 500ml:

Enjoy your favorite wine (St Hallett Faith Shiraz) in our Booze Bar Box Stainless Steel Wine Glass. So, serve the drinks in our stainless steel wine glasses and forget the worries of its breakage due to improper handling, dance, and have fun.

TRCC B Company Honey Popcorn 80g:

Get delicious Sweet honey-coated popcorn from TRCC company in a pack of 80 g.

Ernest Hillier Milk Chocolate Scorched Almonds 240g:

Tasty Roasted Almonds generously dipped into Ernest Hillier creamy Milk Chocolate.

Ogilvie & Co take premium Kalamata Olives 270g:

Lemon Infused Olives of Ogilvie & Co take premium Kalamata company.

Don Vassie Luxury Wine Accessories Set 5pk:

With the Red Wine Hamper (St Hallett Faith Shiraz) box package, you can also get these wine accessory sets such as a Wine opener, Wine pourer, Wine drop-stop collar, Wine stopper, and Wine Corkscrew. Moreover, you can also use it as a giftable material to gift your true wine lover friend.

Luxury Premium Red Wine Box with Soft Foam Packaging:

Moreover, we ensure that the Red Wine Hamper (St Hallett Faith Shiraz) packaging is done with soft foam to avoid any damage. So, get ready to buy our Luxury Red Wine Hamper (St Hallett Faith Shiraz) at just $129 and use it as a gift for any occasion like weddings, parties, or any festive occasion.


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