Enjoy the amazing flavors of ABSOLUT VODKA - 1.75L


Absolut Vodka 1.75 L boasts a rich, authentic flavor due to which it is famous for its pure taste all over the world. Moreover, it is made from all-natural ingredients with no added sugar. The Absolut brand entered the U.S. market in 1979. In addition, today, it also sells over 10.9 million cases per year. However, Absolut Vodka 1.75 L was the label's first product. And it also redefined vodka culture by celebrating art, history, and nightlife. It has a 40% ABV and contains an entire amount of winter wheat and pristine well water. In addition, it is one of the cleanest vodkas on the market due to its continuous distillation process. The developer of this process was Lars Olsson Smith.

Absolut Vodka's 1.75 L price is available at just $139. It also has a clean taste with light grain tones and hints of fruit. This subtle fruitiness also makes Absolut ideal for vodka Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Moscow Mules, and Lemon Drops. Buy Absolut Vodka 1.75 L and enjoy the purest, highest-quality vodka around.

Booze & Barrels Australia supplies the liquor products and is responsible for the services too. The Liquor Act 2007, is against the prohibition of selling alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years. Liquids served and supplied by BOOZE & BARRELS INVESTMENT PTY LTD, ACT Liquor License Number 14005728.


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