Know what’s inside the Johnnie Walker Black Label Hamper Box:

Johnnie Walker Black Label 700ml:

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a true icon, recognized as the benchmark for all other deluxe blends. Created using only whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years from the four corners of Scotland. Moreover, Johnnie Walker Black Label has an unmistakably smooth, deep, complex character. An impressive whisky to share on any occasion, whether you’re entertaining at home with friends or on a memorable night out.

Don Vassie Crystal Luxury Decanter (750ml) with 2 Glasses (300ml):

Indulge yourself and your guests in the finest drinks in your bar with the luxurious Don Vassie Luxury Crystal Whisky Decanter Set. With its intricate design, it also serves as both a decanter and an artistic masterpiece worth showcasing. Made with the finest materials used in the art of making decanters. However, this whiskey hamper decanter set also comes with a Whisky decanter with 2 accompanying glasses.

Don Vassie 6 x Natural Soapstone Ice cubes:

Natural stones cube are made of High-Quality Soapstone which is well rounded and polished to provide an amazing drinking experience.

Luken & May Almond & Vanilla Butterbursts 120g:

Delicate and fragrant, Luken & May Almond & Vanilla Butter Bursts are crafted into beautiful shapes. Also, made with creamy butter, crunchy almonds, and a touch of vanilla. Moreover, pair Johnnie Walker Black Label with almonds and vanilla butter bursts.

Daylesford Condiment Company Woodcutters Chili Chutney 330g:

Great with all things BBQ. Mix with cream cheese for a quick dip. Use as a marinade.

The Cocoa Emporium Caramelized Cashew Brittle 140g:

Roasted cashews smothered in caramelized brittle make for a decadent treat with thin, crisp, and crunchy pieces.

TRCC B Company Honey Coated Popcorn 80g:

Popcorn of TRCC company is also coated with 100% original honey.

Ernest Hillier Milk Chocolate Scorched Almonds 240g:

Australian Scorched Almonds generously coated in layers of Ernest Hillier creamy Milk Chocolate.

Premium Packaging with Soft Foam inside the box:

In addition, this Johnnie Walker Hamper comes in premium packaging with soft foam inside the box. Besides, the soft foams also protect the Johnnie Walker hamper box from any damage. However, place an order for a Johnnie Walker Gift Hamper.


*Please note, in the event that any product becomes unavailable we will swap it for a similar item of equal or greater value

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