Limited Edition Large 21″ Antique Airplane Shaped Decanter Set with 2 World Map Etched Whisky Glasses

$199 $249

The Sky is the Limit!  Don Vassie Antique Airplane Based Decanter, take flight as everyone around you naively stays on the ground when the airports are closed. Embrace the high-flying adventurer in you that appreciates a good glass of scotch when you taste one. This model propeller acts as a frame for a mouth-blown decanter, reminiscent of the early days of aviation itself, and lending your room an antique atmosphere.

Enough room for it all: 21X18 inches! Its size allows it to hold the entire contents of a conventional bottle of wine, whisky, and most spirits. This intricate yet sturdy piece should relieve you of the conventional worries of a Luxury Crystal Decanter.

The Perfect Gift: Gift it to a loved one, friend, relative, or if you’re feeling like it, treat yourself! Perfect as a gift for your partners, families, and friends during holidays and other celebratory moments, this Elegant Decanter lends an aura of sophistication and adventure to your bar table. This unique and elegant glassware is a perfect gift for Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings, groomsmen, anniversaries, parties, birthdays, housewarmings, and more.

What’s in the set: This beautifully built model airplane with a mouth blown decanter and 2 airplane glasses is a must have. The Airplane model is reminiscent of old times and the wood base has an amber hue which makes this a beautiful home piece. A fitted glass stopper seals the decanter for ideal storage, keeping your favourite beverage flavourful and aromatic.

Ensuring the finest quality: All of our glass is made of hypoallergenic, lead- and BPA-free borosilicate glass.  Our glasses are made of a double-layered borosilicate glass that feels firm and safe in your hand, just like your global ambitions.




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