Don Vassie Luxury Crystal Whisky Decanter Set with 4 Glasses-LOCH&GORGE

$99 $149
Indulge yourself and your guests in the finest drinks in your bar with the luxurious Don Vassie Crystal Whiskey Decanter & Glasses Set "LOCH & GORGE". With its intricate design, it serves as both a Glass Whiskey Decanter and an artistic masterpiece worth showcasing. Built with the finest materials in the art of carving decanters. This Whiskey Decanter & Glasses set comes with 4 accompanying glasses, and it is strong and charming too. Moreover, use it as a perfect addition to your home bar or you can use it as a perfect gift for your special ones. We ensure that all the products we sell and supply are of high quality and free from any defects. So to attain our customer's satisfaction. Moreover, enjoy a generous serving of your favorite liquor with your friends and family members.

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