Don Vassie Wine Accessories Gift Set 9 Pieces


Amazing Wine Accessories Gift Set: It does not look good if you simply handle a bottle of wine as a gift to your wine-lover friend. If your friend truly wants to experience drinking wine, then you must give them the right set of Don Vassie Wine Accessories Gift Set. And from where should you buy your toolbox than the Don Vassie Wine Accessories Gift Set? Get the complete toolbox of Wine Accessories Set for your wine-lover friend to enjoy a party with their favourite drink!

The wine opener is suitable for both natural and synthetic corks. You can also use it with any size of wine cork. These corkscrews possess sturdy and durable structures, the main body consists of zinc alloy with a beautiful lustre. And the moving parts of the core are made of stainless steel. Get a Wine Accessories Gift Box for your friend now.

High Quality: You will get all the accessories into a wood box with high-quality inserts for each component. The wood box keeps the accessories clean and tidy for these Wine Accessories Set to avoid loss. You can store the lovely wine opener kit anywhere, then save storage space as its compact design.

Spice Up Your Bar/Kitchen: This wine corkscrew with a lever arm is perfect for an entertainment group, a family or casually enjoying alone. Meanwhile, these rabbit bottle openers shall create an atmosphere of elegance in this area. Feel pride by pulling out the cork. These wine openers professionally make a great offering for the hostess/host at the party dinner.

Complete Set & Accessories: With gift box packages, this Wine Accessory Gift Set is the ideal gift for all festive occasions. This corkscrew gift set can also be a great gift for any true wine lover. If you really love wine, then you must choose our rabbit corkscrew. Buy Don Vassie Luxury Wine Accessories Gift Set at just $ 69 and enjoy your party.


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