Don Vassie XL Whiskey Ice Cubes - 8 Chiller Cubes & Tong $49


Unique Drinking Experience and no dilution: The Don Vassie Whisky Ice Cubes are arguably the best way of chilling your whisky without diluting it. Simply freeze these Chiller Cubes a few hours before your drinking event. Put the frozen Whiskey Ice Cubes into your glasses and enjoy your chilled whisky at its sweet spot! This gift set also comes with a wooden box and holder to store your cubes to ensure they stay in top shape for your next glass of chilled whisky.

Professional Quality & Food Grade Materials: Our Don Vassie Stainless steel Whiskey Ice Cubes are made from high-quality food grade 304 stainless steel. These Chiller Cubes are also BPA-free and 100 % safe. However, our reusable stainless-steel Chiller Cubes help keep your beverage at the perfect temperature longer than whiskey stones made from other materials.

Complete Set & Accessories: Moreover, our Bullet Whiskey Ice Cube Set includes 8 perfectly sized chillers to fit most whiskey glasses along with a luxury handcrafted wooden box for storage and a silicone tip slip-free metal tong.


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