Emodka Box of 12 x 50ml Vodka Emoji Bottles at just $99

$99 $139

Emodka Vodka Boxes of 12 x 50ML Vodka Emoji Bottles are not available to purchase in South Australia. Moreover, the familiar bright yellow faces that we know and love from social media are now coming to your home. However, turn up with Vodka Emoji to transform any gathering into a party! In addition, Emodka Vodka is great fun for any kind of party. And with a range of expressions, there really is an emoji for everyone! You will see the iconic smiley faces on a ball-shaped bottle, while you can get to the vodka through the bottleneck on the other side. Moreover, buy Vodka Emoji here and turn on your party!

With a 100% wheat base, this zeitgeisty French Emodka Vodka causes a stir with its powerful aroma. Emodka comes in 12 different designs and is filled with 50ml premium vodka – perfect for a generous shot or as a cocktail base. Besides, Emodka 50mL is a social media sensation. A French Vodka Emoji bottle was distilled 5 times for purity and taste. Moreover, Emoji’s are the single most widely used, iconic image known today, with 6 billion emoticons being sent globally every day. Each Emodka Vodka glass bottle also contains 50mL of premium French wheat Vodka Emoji (think Grey Goose). In addition, each box contains 12 Emoji bottles:

  • In love
  • Shut up
  • Crazy stupid
  • Wow shocked
  • Laugh out loud
  • Happy
  • Crying
  • Blow a Kiss
  • Thinking curious
  • Cool man
  • In the money
  • Hung over

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