Johnnie Walker: Game of Thrones Triple Pack at just $279

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Inspired by the infamous White Walkers who live in the freezing and harsh lands to the far north. This White Walkers Johnnie Walker whisky is best to serve straight from the freezer. Get a triple pack of Johnnie Walker: Game of Thrones at just $279.

Johnnie Walker White Walker

White Walker is a special edition blended scotch whisky produced by Johnnie Walker as a tribute to the HBO series 'Game of Thrones'. The spirit features single malt whisky from the Speyside distillery Cardhu, and Clynelish, in the north of the Scottish highlands. Crafted by expert blenders at Johnnie Walker: Game of Thrones. Moreover, this Game of Thrones alcohol has notes of fruit and berries, vanilla and caramel. A must-have for any fan of the show, and of whisky.

Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice

Johnnie Walker GOT features single malts from Clynelish, one of Scotland's most northern distilleries, and exudes a crisp, clean taste like the unforgiving force of ice that shapes mountains and stops rivers. The new blend of Game of Thrones Whiskey Johnnie Walker also has an ABV of 40.2%. In addition, the bottle design evokes an icy setting with frosted blue and gray colors inspired by the North, known for its cold winters and frozen landscapes.

Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire

Besides, the GOT Johnnie Walker is rich and spicy, boasting flavors of subtle smoke from the peated malts of the Caol Ila distillery with an ABV of 40.8%. Inspired by the dragons of House Targaryen, feared for their fire breathing. Moreover, the bottle design evokes a fiery setting with deep-red colors. However, get a triple pack of Johnnie Walker: Game of Thrones at just $279.


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