1. Why is crystal decanter better for wine?

Some wines, like a 2010 Bordeaux, tend to be tannic. These wines have spent years in a cellar and have a funky whiff to them. Letting the wine glug into a decanter can soften the texture through exposure to air. This will also intensify the aroma of these young wines. Make sure you don’t let any sediments enter the decanter while pouring the wine.

2. Is it safe to keep whiskey in a crystal decanter?

Keeping your whiskey in decanters can have great benefits. If someone claims that keeping your whiskey in their original bottles will help them age, then their sources are wrong. Unlike wine, you cannot expose your whiskey to oxygen for long. An airtight crystal lid for your whiskey decanter will help you increase its life.

3. Can you put a crystal decanter in a dishwasher?

You must never commit the blunder of putting your fine crystal decanter in a dishwasher. The hot temperature in the dishwasher can affect the quality of the crystal. The detergent can also get accumulated in the ridges and get hard to clean later.

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