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Article: A Guide On Must Have Wine Accessories For Your Home

A Guide On Must Have Wine Accessories For Your Home

A Guide On Must Have Wine Accessories For Your Home

Wine is one of the best creations of mankind, the most exquisite thing to come out of grapes. Did you know that a glass of wine every day is actually good for your heart, just like a little bit of dark chocolate every day? If you are a wine enthusiast and have your own collection, this article is the ideal read for you. 

Once you’ve bought your wine or raised a collection of sorts, your beautiful assortment of wine will need to be maintained and taken care of in the best way possible. Wine accessories are a must-have for any wine lover! It is not just a collection of things to impress your guests at the dinner table, but also to make your life easier as you uncork and sip after a long day of work! 


At Don Vassie Decanters, we offer a range of wine accessories gift sets. These are not just tools but a few things that every wine lover’s house must have! In this article, we will discuss wine accessories that you must have in your house: 

  • Crystal Wine Decanter: 



We understand if you’re of the idea that wine looks good in a bottle, not stored somewhere else. But, if you really do wish to preserve your wine properly, you must invest in wine decanters.

At Don Vassie Decanters, we have a wide range of crystal decanters and crystal decanter sets that will mesmerise you just after the first look.

wine decanters

Red wine is supposed to be stored at a certain temperature, and once your bottle is in use, you can use a crystal decanter to save it for later.

Decanters will help the wine to maintain a certain temperature. Wine becomes better once exposed to oxygen. Wine decanters have no cover or lids and hence are the best accessories for wine. 

  • A Corkscrew: 

 A corkscrew is a no-brainer. If your house does not have a corkscrew and you call yourself a wine lover, there is something fishy about this whole thing. Corkscrews are used to open wine bottles and come in different shapes and sizes. It is essential to make sure that your corkscrew comes from a reliable manufacturer. Corkscrews need to be firm to work. Lousy corkscrews can cause harm and be very harmful. At Don Vassie Decanters, all our wine accessory sets have different kinds of corkscrews and you can choose your favourite! 

  • Wine Stopper: 

That’s right, wine stoppers are a thing too! There may be a rare occasion or two where you do not end up finishing your bottle of wine or have some left over after a family gathering or a party. What do you do in a situation such? A wine stopper will help in creating the same vacuum that the cork did, making it easy for you to save the wine for later and retain its sparkling quality. You can find different wine stoppers on our website

  • Wine Chillers: 

Some wines are best enjoyed at room temperature whereas some need to be chilled for good taste. In fact, some wines need to be chilled to get the best out of them, for it to reach its ideal taste. A wine chiller is your best option for that! Wine chillers help make sure that your wine tastes great and is delightful to drink! 


We pride ourselves on our collection of wine accessories and gift sets. At Don Vassie Decanters, we have different kinds of gift sets for you to choose from. A five-piece set, or a nine-piece set, the choice is yours. You can also shop for them individually, or, save a good amount of money by buying an entire set that will last you for a long time! Cheers! 

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