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Article: Whiskey Stones: What Are They? Which is The Best One?

Whiskey Stones: What Are They? Which is The Best One?

Whiskey Stones: What Are They? Which is The Best One?

It is not unusual for you to get the hottest feeling from the coldest glass of whiskey. You can mix your whiskey either with water or with ice. But something like stones in the whiskey may sound funny. But, there are whisky stones, widely used by habitual whiskey drinkers. They feel delighted when they are flavoured with a Whiskey stones gift set. They get the heat, aroma, and flavour, and still, it is a little cold.


whiskey stones gift set


What is Whisky Stone? 

 Can you ever think of watering your whiskey without adding actual water? These are frozen rock pieces of metals that are added to a prepared glass of whiskey without ruining the quality of the drink. 

As is done in a usual whiskey drink, ice is added to the glass of whiskey. You will find that the spirit escapes towards the ice, causing it to melt. Although the whisky stones work simultaneously, they absorb the heat instead of transferring the same into your drink. As a result, the temperature of your whiskey comes down for a short time, and you can enjoy it. If you want to know how long whisky stones stay cold, it can be said that stones freeze faster than water and won't stay out for long. 

Kinds of Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones will vary according to the stones used for making them. They must provide coolness for a long time without the addition of water. Keep them inside a freezer for about an hour or two, depending on your material.

Now they are cold enough to be added to your glass. Then, when you pour whiskey on it, the drink's temperature is brought down to 11oC. The following are the kinds of whiskey stones available:

  • Soapstone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Stainless steel

The Best Whiskey Stones!

Besides the materials mentioned above, stainless steel is also used. Since stainless steel freezes faster than granite, it keeps the remaining drink cooler for much longer than any other stone. In addition to the traditional shapes of cubes and spheres, stainless steel comes in the forms of hockey pucks, bullets, golf balls, skulls, diamonds and many more. It is indeed funny to use different shapes and sizes.

The whiskey decanter set has been a status symbol for decades. While pouring whiskey into your glass, the whiskey decanter makes oxygen interact with the whiskey and creates an aroma that is not only alcoholic but also pleasant and soothing. The crystal decanter set crafted with 20 triangular sides will be an ideal gift to whiskey drinkers.

crystal decanter set

 Made from glass, the luxury whiskey decanter set is a suitable gadget for your home decoration. Whiskey is more stable in a unique whiskey decanter than wine. The vintage crystal decanter is free of lead and has an elevated design to attract the most modern eyes. Your best options are Whiskey Cooling Stones and Cool Stone Whiskey to keep your spirit safe and satisfy your aesthetic needs


At Don Vassie, you can get varieties of luxury gift sets. They may be considered not just as accessories to your home, but they blend into your home.

 If you are on the lookout for selecting an ideal gift for a habitual drinker of whiskey, get a  Whisky Stones Gifts set from Don Vassie. You will get the best deal and quality materials.

Whisky stone gift set


You can never think of taking whiskey mixed with water because the temperature is transferred to want. Instead, in place of usual ice in spherical and cube shapes, you may use different stones such as marble, soapstone, granite, or even steel as frozen pieces for your drinks.

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