Don Vassie 6 PCS Silver Whiskey Bullet Chillers with tong & Box


Giftable Material for Wine Lover

Looking for giftable material for your wine lover friend? Then look no further. Our Don Vassie Silver Whiskey Bullet Chillers - 6 pieces with tone & wooden box will be an absolute must for a gift for your wine-lover friend.

Top-Quality Material

You must buy these beautiful stainless steel Whiskey Stone Chillers that are meant to chill your beverage. Made with high-quality food grade 304 stainless steel.

Don't Dilute your Favorite Beverage

Moreover, these Don Vassie Silver Whiskey Bullet Chillers won't dilute like ice and will make your drink cool enough to sip without making it watery. So, freeze the Whiskey Stone for a few hours and get ready for your party. However, enjoy your classy style party with our Whiskey Bullet Stone dipped into your favourite beverage.

Complete Set & Accessories

Our Whiskey Bullet Stone Set includes six perfectly sized chillers to fit most whiskey glasses. Besides, it also comes with a luxury and beautiful wooden box for storage and free metal tongs. So, buy a pack of 6 Pieces of Don Vassie Silver Whiskey Bullet Chillers at just $50.


    Customer Reviews

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    Love this gift Great gift . Wooden box great presentation can go past this iteam .If you are looking for a great gift for scotch drinkers .I’m getting my ingraved.A MUST BUY FOR ANYONE WHO LOOKING FOR AMAZING GIFT AND MEMORIES

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